A city-wide effort to volunteer & celebrate Salinas

Central Park – 420 Central Ave. Salinas CA 93901

Mayor Joe Gunter (831) 206-6148 –
Council Member Steve McShane – (831) 970-4141 –
Council Member Tony Barrera – (831) 206-7563 –
Council Member Gloria De La Rosa – (831) 206-8907 –
Council Member Jose Castaneda – (831) 240-2568 –
Council Member Jyl Lutes – (831) 449-3755 –
Council Member Kimbley Craig – (831) 206-6495 –

“Salinas United” is a free city-wide celebration and day of service set for Saturday, April 18th, 2015 from 8AM to 2PM based out of Central Park in Salinas. This collaborative event is produced by the City of Salinas and is co-sponsored by CSUMB, The Salinas Neighborhood Council and the Salinas Faith Community.

Participants can expect a wide cross section of organizations represented including non-profits, service groups, high schools & more. Light refreshments will accompany various service projects across the City. Volunteers will work until noon and then be invited to a special Picnic Style Lunch / Celebration / Fundraiser at Central Park that will run from 12:00 – 2PM. The event will be uniquely focused on health and wellness. Organizers have put together a fantastic event featuring any combination of the following: non-profit outreach, crafts for sale, games, face painting, music and / or a bounce house.

For additional information on sponsorship, please contact Event Chair, Bill Turner at (831) 424-2295 or

Positive Changes are being planned for SNC. 

In the mean time feel free to visit our Facebook Page and post activities being taken by your organization helping make Salinas a Better Place To Live.

The Salinas Neighborhood Council is constantly looking for neighbors we can assist. We are going into communities sharing information on safety, neighborhood awareness, neighborhood watch and our local resources. We can also help facilitate block parties, meetings and clean ups for you or your neighbors. The continued positive growth of Salinas is in all of our interest.


Founded in the winter of 2011 by Councilman Steve McShane, the mission of the Salinas Neighborhood Council is to network neighborhood based volunteer groups, watch organizations, and associations in the interest of growing a more engaged, united and secure community.


The Salinas Police Department gave this presentation about   “Community Safety and Neighborhood Watch Training”   Countless statistics have shown that neighborhood watch efforts reduce crime.   Do you know how much crime is taking place in your neighborhood?  Now do you see why you should form your own neighborhood watch?  It can be 4 houses or 1 block.  Do not overwhelm yourself with large areas unless you have adequate interest and support by everyone involved.   View on this site how to organize a neighborhood watch.

Are you interested in learning more about  starting a Neighborhood Watch?  Did your neighborhood have a Neighborhood Watch years ago but no longer meets?  The Salinas Neighborhood Council would love to help.  Please e-mail us at so  we can connect you with those who have been successful at building active Neighborhood Watches in Salinas.  Why reinvent the wheel when they are so many local experts who are willing and ready to help your neighborhood become safer.

There is nothing wrong starting your own neighborhood watch if your neighborhood already has one established. Both groups can cooperate so long as one does not try to stop the other one from trying to protect their neighbors. If you do not like the leaders, if they are not honest, if you see that they are not working toward your best interest then by all means contact your neighbors around your home and start your own. If there’s is too big causing them to fail to protect you then take control of your neighborhood. Give them a chance and ask who the block captains are in your area. Talk to them if there are any. Do not be intimidated to protect your neighborhood if they attack your efforts.

Get the Salinas Police Departments Community Guide Today

Neighborhood Map

The City of Salinas does not have a map showing Neighborhood Boundaries. We are asking the leaders of Associations and Neighborhood Watch Groups to take a pencil and show the boundary on the map that is  in Sheila Molinari’s Office.  This map will be brought into our meetings as well.   We have  maps for council districts, school districts,  zones, fire and police command areas, but none for our neighborhoods.  Do not call anyone you must physically draw the boundary for your neighborhood on that map in pencil.  The City of Salinas has the last word if there are any disputes.

Salinas Neighborhood Council

 City of Salinas Neighborhood Services Division

200 Lincoln Ave. Salinas CA 93901

Mission: The mission of the Salinas Neighborhood Council (SNC) is to network neighborhood based volunteer groups, efforts, associations and watch organizations in the interest of growing a more engaged and secure community. In short, SNC seeks to support, strengthen & develop grassroots efforts to enhance safety and quality of life for residents of Salinas on a neighborhood level.

Organization: SNC is a volunteer run non-profit organization. It is made up of leadership from all forms of Salinas neighborhood based groups including associations, watches, councils and both long and short term efforts based around a community cause. Meetings usually take place from 6-7PM on the third Wednesday of the month at Salinas City Hall.

Activities: The main role for SNC is to support volunteer run neighborhood efforts that seek a higher quality of life and safety for our community. Activities include regular trainings on relevant neighborhood topics including safety and emergency preparedness. As appropriate, the council is charged with helping to plan and / or promote city-wide neighborhood based activities and events including Salinas United, neighborhood clean up efforts, graffiti eradication days and other special events.

The bottom line is something we all have in our lives.  SNC  needs funds to operate.

We will be adding a PayPal Account in the future.

You can now download and fill out these donor forms to make your contributions  PDF or DOC.

Do not forget to check out our Site Map.

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